Name, address, and phone number (NAP) data are the three most important pieces of information for your business. Yet, through the chaotic nature of the internet, this essential data can be lost. Without a directory listing management service, your information doesn’t belong to you.


By keeping NAP data consistent across all directories, search engines feel confident in boosting your business to the top of search engine results.


Without NAP data consistency, users may be shown old–or flat out wrong–information about your business. Don’t let them remember you for a wrong location or phone number!


Through a directory listing management service, changes to NAP data are updated within 24 hours across more than 60 directories.


Proper location info ensures that when nearby users search for your service, your business will show up in the results.


Rest assured–with our EC Directory Service, your most important pieces of business information will stay consistent. With over 60 directories under our direction, we help you stand out as a professional and reliable business for anyone searching. And, with a quick turn around rate for updates, changes to your hours or availability takes less than a day.


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