Project Summary is dedicated to providing content and news for young girls planning their 15th birthday celebration.

However, without a proper marketing strategy, the brand wasn’t quite reaching the amount of people they had hoped. With a combination of search query research, Adwords, and social media marketing, we dramatically improved’s web traffic.

Project Roles

Web Development (PHP & Javascript)
Web Design: (HTML & CSS)
Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Instagram)
Google Adwords (Youtube, Google, & Gmail)
Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (Google My Business
Directory Listing Management

Stunning Results

Just look to the statistics we have generate the past year.

increase in website sessions.

Reduction in investment while generating the same amount of leads to the previous period

Decrease in cost per click

Google Analytics:

To welcome incoming traffic, it was vital that resolve any webpage issues. Using Google Analytics, we assessed every page for factors that could be detrimental to the user experience.

For example, by checking average bounce rates, we could pinpoint slow loading speeds and other issues that may deter users. Resolving these issues simultaneously improves organic rankings and Adwords quality scores.


With the pages running at optimal levels, and a content plan built for SEO success, Google Adwords became a powerful tool for putting at the top of search results.

  • Powerful targeting options
  • Plenty of metrics for analysis
  • Experimentation made easy with real-time reporting

With all of these features at our disposal, we configured an Adwords campaign that gave incredible improvements in as little as one month.

Social Media

For a target audience primarily in the young teens, there was one obvious place to turn: social media. By using Facebook ads and the Facebook retargeting pixel, new and repeat visitors came to the website time and time again, comprising a significant percentage of’s total traffic.


Likewise, YouTube proved excellent for sharing’s content. Again, search query research proves useful here for SEO purposes. YouTube videos provide several spaces to embed relevant keywords for meeting the needs of Google and YouTube users. Like Facebook, YouTube’s remarketing pixel helps sends users back to the site.

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