Project Summary

Electra Cruises’ needed a complete overhaul. With little other web presence to speak of, the company’s digital branding depended on the look and feel of an outdated website. To give Electra Cruises a modern appeal for newly engaged couples – and for search engines – we gave them a complete makeover.

Project Roles

Wordpress Development (PHP)
Web Design (HTML & CSS)
Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Instagram Ads)
Directory Listing Management
Google Adwords Management (Search, Display, Youtube and Gmail campaigns).
Bing Ads Management
Content Marketing (Blog posts, ebook)

Stunning Results


60% Drop in the
cost per conversion

Social Media

223.05% increase,
in social media traffic directed to the website using both, organic and paid posts.

Google Ad Words

105% increase in
average conversions tracked through Google Adwords campaigns


22% increase in


Electra Cruises was at the peak of fashion for affordable weddings, but their website was out of date with SEO and wedding fashion. The site’s content presented an overwhelming amount of information, so re-organization was essential. We needed to consider all of these factors at the same time while designing a brand new user experience.

Our approach to the website was both functional and aesthetic, completely reshaping the Electra Cruises web experience.

Starting with functionality, we gave them the essentials:

  • Responsive theme.
  • Intuitive user experience.
  • Strategically placed call-to-actions.

An updated web design helped show off Electra’s best side:

  • Attractive color scheme based on trending wedding fashions.
  • Seamless design and integration of the client’s yachts and venue space.
  • A new platform to shape the brand while generating leads.

Content Marketing:

SEO and branding.

Weekly blog posts helped send organic traffic to the website, simultaneously establishing the brand’s voice and persona.

Ebook Wedding Planner

To help our paid marketing efforts, we designed a lead magnet to capture the email addresses of interested users. Using Electra Cruises’ photographs and wedding planning materials, we created an ebook that helped them acquire several new leads on a daily basis.


Electra Cruises had previously ran AdWords and Bing campaigns through an in-house team. When our PPC specialists picked it up, they decided to reinstate a new structure. Along the way, they created new ad groups and landing pages based on converting keywords.

The biggest challenge was in performing this restructure at the same time as a major website redesign. Meticulous care and monitoring was needed to ensure that the influx of conversions would not be dramatically affected.

Social Media

When you book a wedding, you don’t do it without research.

Facebook remarketing was an essential tool for gathering conversion opportunities that drifted from our AdWords/Bing efforts. With Facebook remarketing pixels, we helped keep Electra Cruises at the forefront of wedding planning for site visitors.

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