Is Cell Phone Radiation Killing Your Sperm?

By April 13, 2017Uncategorized

Is Cell Phone Radiation Killing Your Sperm?

Since the dawn of cell phones, scientists have been investigating whether cell phone radiation is harmful to humans and possibly carcinogenic. Now, some scientists believe cell phones may be up to something worse: trying to kill our babies. Well, our future babies that is.

A study conducted by the University of Exeter found strong evidence that men with prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation showed lower sperm counts than men who didn’t. They reason that the electromagnetic activity radiated by cell phones can damage sperm, which unlike other cells in the human body, is more susceptible due to its limited ability to protect and repair itself.

Another study observed similar results when they studied more than 100 men over a year and found 47% of the men who kept their phones in their pockets near the family jewels had lower sperm levels than 11% of the general population. Moreover, their research showed men who spoke on the phone for more than an hour a day were twice as likely to have poorer sperm quality than men who spoke on their cell phones for less than an hour per day.

The studies admit more research needs to be done in order to definitively attribute sperm damage to cell phone radiation. Other factors need to be factored in and tested further, like age, health, and nutrition, to accurately assess the impact cell phone radiation is having on the men who were tested.

Those on the opposite side of this argument find the link between cell phone radiation and sperm damage casual at best. They cite the lack of direct evidence to be the biggest problem, but also highlight some of the holes in the current research, like not accounting for different devices and their varying levels of electromagnetic radiation. They conclude that cell phone radiation is so low that it’s unlikely to be the culprit of sperm damage.

At the moment there is no definitive evidence that cell phone radiation is killing men’s baby batter. But scientists still consider this matter worth studying given that extensive research on cell phone radiation is yet to be done. So while there’s no need for men to rid themselves of their cell phones to save their sperm, maybe they should consider not keeping their phones so close to their balls.